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Alcohol Liabilities


If you serve, supply, provide or any other way make alcohol available and the person(s) you serve become intoxicated and subsequently injure themselves or someone else, according to the Liquor License Act, the server (supplier, provider etc.) can be held civilly liable for the injured persons. The injured person(s) can claim financial awards, commensurate with the injuries they have sustained.

It is illegal:

  1. To serve persons under 19 years
  2. To serve persons to intoxication
  3. To serve an intoxicated person
  4. To drink alcohol in a public place
  5. As a server, you are responsible for the safety of the intoxicated person until they sober up
  6. Your responsibility extends to the safety of others


If you host (plan, organize, sponsor etc.) an event on indoor or outdoor premises (property) that you have responsibility for, if someone is injured on the property, according to the Occupiers Liability Act of Ontario, you can be held civilly liable for the injured person(s). The injured person(s) can claim damage awards commensurate with the injuries they have sustained.

Occupiers Liability Act

  1. Occupier is anyone who controls the premise and has the power to admit or exclude entrants.
  2. Occupier must take steps to ensure that all entrants are reasonably safe while on the premises.
  3. If you rent a hall (or other premise) you are a co-occupier.
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