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Robbery Prevention

To prevent robbery there are numerous ways to turn down robbers from even trying to break in, here's some ways:
Keep all rear and side doors locked and inspect all back rooms and washrooms before closing.
Give security assignments to all your employees to ensure you shall not have any problems.

  • If you get robbed don't resist, obey instructions, and only activate alarms if it will not endanger anyone.
  • Try to estimate the robber's height by the mark on the doorway.
  • Try to get make, model, year and license of getaway car.
  • Call the police and give them all the information they need and all the information you have.
  • Protect the scene of the crime and don't touch anything, you may mess up some of the evidence.
  • Try to write down all the details of the crime, but do not compare notes with others.
  • Be prepared to prosecute and testify in court.
  • Be sure to replace burnt out lights. The lighter the surrounded area the harder it is to break in.

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Robbery Prevention