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DS_2009_Part1.jpgDRIVERS, wake up, stay alert!

Constant yawning, a nod of the head, heavy eyelids, blurred and wandering vision while driving are some of the warning signs that you may be on the verge of falling asleep at the wheel.

When you are sleepy, your brain starts to shut down. Driving when you are sleepy is dangerous. It reduces your ability to drive effectively and to think quickly. Your reaction time is slower, awareness is decreased, and judgement is impaired. Often the actions of fatigued drivers are confused with drivers who have been drinking. The consequences can be just as fatal.

The following tips can help you avoid falling asleep at the

  •  Beware of medications that can impair your driving ability.
  •  Get adequate and quality sleep before a trip.
  •  Avoid alcoholic beverages and heavy foods.
  •  Limit long-distance driving.
  •  Stop at a safe place and take a nap.
  •  Drive with a companion and share the driving.
  •  Keep the temperature cool in your vehicle.
  •  Avoid caffeine-type drinks like coffee or cola. They provide a short-term boost, however, if you are seriously sleep deprived, no amount of caffeine will help. It's best to stay off the road.
  • If possible, avoid driving during the peak drowsy times - from 2 pm to 5 pm, and from 10 pm to 6 am.
    Recognize the signs, know the dangers, and reduce your risks - don't drive when drowsy.

Road Safety. It starts with you.
(Source: Ministry of Transportation)

NEVER operate an ATV without an approved helmet, proper eye protection, boots, gloves, long pants and long-sleeved shirt or jacket.


  •  Ride off-road only, never on public roads.
  • Wear your helmet.
  • Protect your eyes and body.
  • Safety inspect the ATV before you ride.
  • Ride with others - never alone.
  • Always supervise youngsters.
  • Ride sober - no alcohol or drugs.
  • Respect the environment.
  • Be courteous to all you meet.
  • Ride within your capabilities.
  • Respect riding trail and area rules.



OACP Drive Safe