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Road Rage

Smart Drivers Just Drive

Driving demands your full attention every time you get behind the wheel. Everybody knows a good driving record pays.

FACT: At 60 km/h your car travels 50 meters, half a football field in just 3 seconds.
Eat before you get on the road. If you have to eat behind the wheel choose bite sized foods. Drinks should be in spill proof containers that fit your beverage containers.

  • Review all maps at home before going on the road.
  • Hold all your calls, if your cell phone rings and you are driving then pull over to take the call, or call them back once you are not cdriving
  • If you must discipline your children, pull safely off the road and do your thing. You can't be a safe driver and be an angry parent at the same time.
  • Ask your passengers to do all the other things like change the music, read the map and give directions, tend to children, make or take phone calls.
  • If you are in the vehicle with a distracted driver, ask them if they need help or tell them"We should take a break".
  • It's easy to point out bad drivers. Are YOU one of them?

Do you:

  • Speed?
  • Follow too closely?
  • Weave in and out of traffic?
  • Block cars trying to merge?
  • Get angry with or threaten other drivers, passengers or pedestrians?
  • Roll through stop signs or speed through amber lights?

Research indicates that 26% of drivers involved in fatal collisions have been driving aggressively. If caught, it'll cost you: A dangerous driving charge has a maximum fine of $2,000 and a maximum jail term of five years.

Curb your aggression! Don't drive when you're angry, upset or overtired. Allow enough travel time and know alternative routes. Drive the speed limit. Let other drivers merge. Acknowledge your mistakes with a wave.

For more information about aggressive driving and road safety, visit: