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Snowmobiles/ATV Safety

Safe Snowmobiling

More than 10 million people look forward for the snow to hit the ground to go snowmobiling or whatever winter sport they enjoy. Many things make snowmobiling fun, there are the breathtaking views and scenery and thrill of a well designed machine. Snowmobiling is fun, but can be very exhausting. The wind, sun, cold, vibration, motion and other things all wear down the body. There are plenty of challenging trails awaiting you.

Facts and tips of snowmobiling:

  • Alcohol does not warm your body up, like the old myth says. It actually increases your risk of hypothermia.
  • Most states and provinces have a law against drinking and snowmobiling.
  • Learn more about your machine, read the owner's manual and other materials from the manufacturer.
  • Keep your sled in top shape; follow the owner's manual for time interval or routine check ups
  • If you're unable to do it yourself, consider bringing it to your local dealer for the check ups.
  • Make sure to follow the rules and regulations according to where you are snowmobiling.
  • When crossing another trail or a road make sure you come to a complete stop before going to the other side.
  • The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs has trained over 105,000 students since 1976.
  • The OFSC has a contract with the Ministry of Transportation and only they can issue a snow vehicle operators' license.
  • To drive a snowmobile on any property other than yours you must have a sled licence or any other valid Ontario driver's licence.
  • It is illegal to operate your snowmobile while under a licence suspension unless it's on your property.
  • You should attend a driver training course which would be conducted over a minimum six-hour schedule.
  • If in doubt, ask for directions. Even if it's embarrassing it may help you in the long run.
  • Booze and snow don't mix. The same rules apply when you're driving or snowmobiling.


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