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Travelling Alone

Planning a Vacation:
  • Check for travel warnings, travel section of newspaper.
  • Arrange for vacations
  • Check on passport requirements
  • Book with reputable company
Getting Ready:
  • Consult travel safety/ before you leave on your trip fact sheet.
  • Medications
  • Travel Insurance
  • Traveler's Cheque's
  • Record traveler cheque numbers
  • Leave with easy to contact trusted family member/friend
  • Is home ready to be left?
  • Leave key with trusted family member/friend
  • Have the person conduct regularly checks on your home.
  • Newspaper and mail picked up
  • Clear driveway in winter, cut lawn in summer
  • Put out garbage
  • Lights inside and out on timers, all year round
  • Let neighbour use driveway
  • Before you leave:
  • Let family or friend know daily plans and plan to call.
  • Record passport information in a safe place x2
Emergency phone numbers:
  1. Passport phone number
  2. Credit card number
  3. Work supervisors home number
  4. Phone number for lost of stolen traveler's cheque's - Do not email this information to your destination.
Car Tips:

Remember personal safety when driving

  1. Doors and windows locked, don't stop for strangers.
  2. Car tuned up, extra fluids.
  3. Call police sign, emergency kit, snow shovel etc.
  4. Obtain current maps.
  5. Know route.

Don't leave maps on display

Be aware cellular telephone may not work where you are going and 9-1-1 make not work in all jurisdictions.

Accompany children to bathroom

Airport Travel Safety:

Separate money

If you must take expensive jewelry, avoid obvious display
Hands on approach at all times with carry-on bag at:

  1. Counters
  2. Phone Booths
  3. Washroom stall- women
  • Avoid using expensive luggage
  • Baggage address-cover/destination address; inside both addresses
  • Don't leave valuables in checked bags
  • If forced to carry on bags- Remove Valuables
  • Carry on bags that are checked late are a red flag.
  • Baggage locks- identifies it as having something valuable inside.
At Hotel:
  • Leave nothing in room small enough to pocket that's valuable
  • Watch valuables at pool and beach areas
  • Keep doors and windows locked including balcony door.