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Bear Safety


Bears might look cute and cuddly but they're NOT!! THEY ARE NOTHING LIKE IN THE CARTOONS!

Bears are wild animals and they don't like people to bother them.

Bears are very hungry in the spring as they wake up from hibernation.  Berries and other natural food sources are not ready in the woods.  Bears have an amazing sense of smell and may visit your home looking for food if garbage is left out.


Bears will begin to associate food with humans and will no longer be able to find food on their own.  They will also lose their natural fear of humans and become a threat to your safety. bear.JPG

If you ever come across a bear you should know what to do.  Remain calm, drop any food you are carrying and slowly back away.  Warn others to keep away and tell your neighbours you spotted a bear

Let's all be bear aware. Here's how...


  • Never feed bears!
  • Never get too close to bears.
  • Hike in groups and make noise so you don't surprise a bear.
  • Never explore bad smelling areas and never play near garbage dumps.
  • Keep your camping spot clean.
  • Learn more about bears.
  • Report bears that hang around people or get into garbage by calling the Bear Wise reporting line at 1-866-514-2327 from April 1 to November 30



 Fierce Brown Bear


Here are some great Bear Wise Activity Books that you can print and learn all about bears.

Kids Bear Wise Activity BookKIDS                                         bearwise2.jpgYOUTH