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Common Language Use by Teens Online

 asl age/sex/location
 bf | gf  boyfriend | girlfriend
 brb  be right back
 cam | kam webcam
f2f face to face
 g2g | gtg  got to go
 h/o hang on
 jk | jks  just kidding | jokes
 kk  ok cool
 lol laugh out loud
 noobnew individual 
 nvm never mind
 omg oh my god
 pic picture
 plz please
 ppl people
 sxy | sexi  sexy
 ttyl talk to you later
 ty thank you
 ud you would
 ur you are

 Short-form words, acronyms, phrases and memes have almost helped contribute to the development of a whole new language that defines Internet culture.

TIP: Sounding out the string of letters may help you understand the word or words. Also try adding letters to a string of text to figure out the word.

Why Do People Use Internet Slang?

THe main reason slang is used is to to speed up communication: You live in a busy world, and you don't have time much time to waste typing out the message you'd like to send to your friends, family or colleagues.  It's a quick and convenient way to communicate on the web.


Top 50 Acronyms Online

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