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Halloween Safety

Attention Parents!october-2008-044-2.jpg

  • Makeup rather then a mask is a great idea.
  • Make sure the costume has some kind of reflective material.
  • Impose a route and curfew for your child.
  • Equip your child with a flashlight and a personal goodie bag that he/she can nibble on rather then the candy received from others.
  • Always check candy thoroughly before allowing your child to eat any.
  • Adult supervision is always best. Older children should trick or treat in groups of 3 or more.
  • Instruct your child to only go to homes with lights on.
  • A review of traffic safety rules would not go amiss.
  • Remind your children to not go into any of the homes on their route, Entrances only!

Attention Motorists!halloween3.jpg

On Oct. 31st, our city will be invaded with goblins and monsters we ask all motorists to be alert. Reduce your speed and always be prepared to stop. You never know what the little Power Rangers and Super Heroes might do. Use extra caution when approaching an intersection. Help us make this a good Halloween for us all.

Teach your children the following Halloween safety tips:

  • At night wear a light coloured costume or reflectors
  • Use make-up instead of a mask 
  • Be careful that your costume is not too long (you'll trip trying to walk or go up stairs) halloween2.jpg
  • Carry a flashlight
  • Do not criss-cross the street while going house to house
  • Look both ways when you cross the street at the corner
  • Never go out alone. Try to go with a parent or group
  • Tell your parents your route 
  • Never go inside a stranger's house
  • Do not each your treats until your parents have checked them
  • Do not eat unwrapped candy
  • Do not eat "home-made" treats unless you know the people who made it
  • Be cautious of fruits (razors in apples)
  • If your parents are with you and allow you to have a treat along the way, DO NOT LITTER!!!
  • Remember to always be polite‚ĶSAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR TREATS
  • If the lights are off at a home, skip it. They may not have any candy to hand out, or may not celebrate Halloween. 

Download the following Halloween activity booklet