School Bus Safety

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School bus travel is extremely safe. Although injuries are rare, they most often happen outside the bus as students are boarding and leaving or crossing the streets.

REMEMBER these tips on the bus:
  • Be at the school bus stop on time
  • Wait in a safe place well back from the edge of the roadcrossing.jpg
  • Do not play in ditches or on snow banks
  • Enter the bus in single file holding the hand rail
  • Keep your arms and head inside the bus
  • When you leave the bus, move away from the side. If you can touch the bus you are too close
  • If you drop something near the bus, never try to pick it up because it's quite likely the bus driver can't see you. Ask an adult or the driver to help.
When CROSSING the street to get on or off the bus:
  • Walk at least 10 big steps in front of the bus, along the side of the road and look at the driver for a signal before crossing
  • Look all ways before crossing the road
  • Walk, never run, to where your parent or caregiver is waiting for you on the ride of the road
Parents-What Makes a School Bus Safe?schoolbus.jpg
  • Ontario regulations require buses be driven by specially-trained, licensed drivers with good driving records.
  • School busses must meet safety standards established by Transport Canada
Requirements include:
  • High-Back, padded seats and close seating
  • Size and bright yellow colour
  • Front crossing arm
  • Flashing upper lights and stop arm
  • Shatter-proof Glass
  • Emergency exits