Values Influence and Peers (V.I.P.)

juliewithvipclass.jpgThe Greater Sudbury Police Service is happy to provide the Values, Influences and Peers program to all Greater Sudbury schools. Designed for grades five and six students, this program involves 6 separate components. The officer along with the teacher discuss various topics such as peer pressure, vandalism, shoplifting, decision making , drugs and respect for the law. Teachers may download resources supplied on this web site for their students.

The V.I.P. teacher's manual provided on this site highlights the topics that will be discussed with the students. Student Activity booklets are also provided for you to download. These booklets may be used in a class setting or sent home with the students.

The Values Influence and Peers program are available in both English and French.

For more information on having the V.I.P. program in your school call 675-9171, extension 2100 or fill out the:

School Presentation Request Form.

VIP Documents and Links:

VIP Manual  for teachers english

Document  Valeurs, influences et relations avec ses pairs pour enseignants

                        English VIP Literature                                                                         Litérature pour programme V.I.P
Drugs Activity BookletLa drogue cahier d`activité
Law & Youth Activity Booklet
Dangers de la drogue feuille d`activité
Mischief Activity Booklet
 Jeux de mots sur la drogue
Values & Authority Activity Booklet
Shoplifting Activity Booklet
 Le vandalisme pour enseignants
Peer Pressure Pamphlet
 Le vol à l`étalage pour enseignants
Graffiti Hurts Teacher`s Guide
Le vol à l`étalage feuille d`activité
Graffiti Pamphlet
 Pamphlet Pression des camarades
Youth and the Law Activity Booklet
 L`autorité et ses représentants pour enseignants

  Les jeunes et la loi feuille d`activité

For more information on the GATEWAY PROGRAM or to order safety books visit: