Bear Complaint-Lively

April 20, 2014


On the 20th of April at approximately 530 AM GSPS responded to a complaint of a bear wondering around the area of Third Avenue in Lively.  A local resident reported that there was a bear with its head stuck in a large plastic jar which had been used to store birdseed.  Officers attended on scene and were able to locate the bear which was unable to remove the jar from its head.  It continued to wonder around walking into a variety of objects including a police cruiser. 

MNR was contacted and attended shortly after 9AM.   The bear was tranquilized  with use of a pole.  The jar had to be cut off the head of the animal.  It was removed from the area and will be relocated.

The following safety information is from the MInisrty of Natural Resources:

Black bears rarely attack people. While they can be dangerous, they are actually very timid animals. Since the early 1900s there have been fewer than 70 deaths in North American as a result of black bears.

While injuries and attacks are rare, we need to remember that bears are easily attracted to places where people live. Bears are attracted to communities by things like garbage, bird and pet food, and smells like grease and food residue on barbecues. They will investigate these non-natural food sources. If bears are successful at getting food they will return again and again. They will also lose their natural fear of humans if they are successful at finding food where humans live, camp, work or recreate.

Here are some precautions you can take:

At your home, camp or cottage:

•Feed birds only during the winter

•Keep your garbage away from bears


 •Learn about black bears, signs of bear activity and how to prevent and handle encounters with bears.

•Be alert. Keep your eyes and ears open. Frequently scan your surroundings to check for bears.

•Take extra precautions with your food and garbage.




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