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Sexual Harassment

What is Sexual Harassment

  • Verbal harassment
  • Sexual comments, noises, gestures, conversation, propositions, or jokes
  • Non-verbal harassment
  • Display of sexual pictures
  • Making facial expressions, such as winking, throwing kisses, etc.
  • Making sexual gestures with hands and body movements
  • Letters, email, posters, gifts, and materials of a sexual nature
  • Stalking
  • Physical harassment
  • Unwanted touching, caressing, or grabbing
  • Exposing himself/herself

Flirting Vs. Sexual Harassment


  • Reciprocal and goes both ways
  • Flattering or complimentary, not demeaning
  • Boosts self-esteem and makes you feel good/specialUntitled-sexual assault video.jpg 
Sexual Harassment

  • Unwanted and one-sided
  • Degrading and disrespectful
  • Receiver feels powerless
  • Receiver feels humiliated


Your Right

You have the right to be treated with civility, decency, respect and dignity, and have an obligation to treat others the same way.


Sexual harassment is a serious offence, especially when it leads to stalking or sexual assault and is punishable by law.

Break the Silence

Many sexual harassment incidents go unreported. Silence is your biggest enemy. It will only encourage and promote more harassment.

What To Do If You Experience Sexual Harassment

  • Do not blame yourself for sexual harassment. It is not your fault
  • Do not ignore it. Sexual harassment does not go away and can get worse
  • Speak clearly and directly to the harasser telling them to leave you alone
If you do not feel comfortable talking to the harasser face-to-face, write a letter containing:

  • A factual account of what happened
  • A statement of how you felt
  • A statement of what you want to happen next
  • Clearly indicate that you want them to stop their unwanted behaviour
  • Talk to someone who you can trust, such as a friend, parent, or teacher
  • If you feel physically threatened, contact the Greater Sudbury Police Service

For more information concerning Sexual Harassment, click here.