The Top-10-COVID-Rules-to-Live-By will keep us going for the long haul and will go a long way to protect our health, our health care system, our schools, and our jobs and economy. The virus cannot spread easily if everyone knows the basic rules and follows them.


1. Stick to your household contacts

2. Keep 2 metres distance from anyone not in your household contacts

3. Use your face covering in enclosed indoor public spaces and when you can’t keep 2 metres distance outdoors

4. Avoid gatherings of any size

5. Avoid non-essential travel

6. Wash your hands

7. Stay home when ill

8. Get tested

9. Work remotely

10. Practice kindness, patience, and gratitude—we are all in this together


Learn more about Covid-safety and the current situation in Sudbury and Districts.


Last modified: March 8th, 2021