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Frequently Asked Questions of the Crime Analysis Unit

Does a Crime and Intelligence Analyst Visit Crime Scenes?

No. Crime and Intelligence Analysts work in an office and do their jobs with the use of various computers.

I'm contemplating moving my family/business to the City of Greater Sudbury. What is the crime/activity in a certain area?

You can look up the activity in a certain area of Greater Sudbury by querying a specific zone, then performing a search of the crime in this area.

Remember that crime information does not indicate everything about a neighborhood (zone), as crime statistics can be deceiving. Statistics only represent reported crime. In some areas, residents do not report crime; in others, almost all crime is reported. Reporting also varies greatly by type of crime; while most violent crime is reported, minor property crimes are often not reported. For example, an area (zone) may have lower levels of crime
for a few reasons: 1) no crimes are occurring, or 2) no crimes are being reported for a variety of reasons.

Therefore, in addition to looking at crime statistics, the following questions are
tools that can be utilized in helping you make your decision when contemplating
moving your family/business in a specific area (zone):

  • Do you feel comfortable walking in the area? Can you imagine yourself taking an evening stroll?
  • Have you talked to residents and business owners in the area to see what their perception is?
  • Have you made random visits to the area? Some incidents may be more predominant during
    the evening hours or during the weekends.
  • Is the area visually appealing? Are the houses/buildings and properties well maintained?
    Are there signs of graffiti, negligence, crime, etc.?
  • An evaluation of your answers to the above questions will help you make the right decision.
    If your assessment is positive, and you decide to follow through with your decision, you can
    visit our Crime Prevention page (top right hand corner of this page) to get tips on home/business safety.