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Citizens on Patrol Volunteers

What is "Citizens on Patrol" (COPs)? 

A community based crime prevention initiative with a mandate to report suspicious, disruptive and criminal behaviour. Our mission is to build safer communities through observation and crime prevention education by mobilizing citizens throughout the City of Greater Sudbury.

Your volunteer time will be spent as part of a team patrolling Greater Sudbury's neighbourhoods and deterring crime by providing additional eyes and ears for the community. It may also include assisting at various GSPS events and promoting the Citizens on Patrol program wihin the community.

The Greater Sudbury Police Service in cooperation with the City of Greater Sudbury and other community partners is responsible for its operation through the Volunteer Coordinator, who works closely with the volunteers.


The Citizens on Patrol Program was officially launched in October 2005 as a one-year pilot project. The program was initiated by members of the Citizens Police Advisory Committee (CPAC) in Capreol and Nickel Centre as a proactive crime prevention program.

After one year in operation, the program had 25 volunteers and two units: Capreol and Nickel Centre. It was deemed a successful pilot project and evolved into an important community program within the Greater Sudbury Police Service. The program now includes approximately 100 volunteers and nine units throughout the City of Greater Sudbury. Each unit now has a designated marked COPs vehicle to perform their patrols, whereas, in the past volunteers used their personal vehicles.

COPs Units

  • ACL (Azilda, Chelmsford, Levack)Citizens on Patrol Volunteer and marked COP car
  • Capreol
  • Copper Cliff
  • Kukagami (May-October)
  • New Sudbury
  • Nickel Centre (Coniston)
  • Sudbury
  • Valley East
  • Walden 

Positions Available

  • Driver: Responsible for driving the vehicle and recording suspicious and concerning behavior while on a patrol. (*requires a Class G driver's license) 
  • Navigator: Responsible for navigating where the patrol is heading, communicating with the Dispatcher over the radio, and recording and reporting suspicious and concerning behaviour while on a patrol. 
  • Dispatcher: Maintains contact with the Mobile Observation Team via radio communication, documents patrol activity and reports incidents to the Greater Sudbury Police Service Communications Branch.

*One of each position is required for every patrol!


What's Included

  • Marked COPs vehicle                           Citizens on Patrol Blitz
  • Uniform
  • GSPS office locations             
  • I.D. tags
  • Mobile radios                        
  • Notebook
  • Equipment bags 


What's Expected

  • One year minimum commitment
  • 12 hrs. of service per month
  • Professionalism, willingness to be a team player and a friendly disposition
  • Confidentiality (affirmation/oath of secrecy)

 How to Become a Volunteer


  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Must pass a police background checkInspector Mousseau and Citizens on Patrol Volunteer
  • Must be legally eligible to work in Canada


  • Fill out application
  • Interview
  • Mandatory full day of specialized training






Address all correspondence to:


Citizens on Patrol ProgramCitizens on patrol Volunteers at Recruitment Event

Attn: Volunteer Coordinator

Greater Sudbury Police Services

190 Brady Street, Sudbury ON P3E 1C7

Phone: (705) 675-9171 ext. 2335

Fax: (705) 675-2738


To access the COP application form, click here. For more information, send us an email.