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IMG_9389.jpgIs it lawful to ride a bicycle on Sudbury sidewalks?

A bicycle is defined as a vehicle under the Highway Traffic Act. As such, the bylaw states that you must not drive a vehicle on a sidewalk in the City of Greater Sudbury. Bicycles once on the roadway have to comply with all rules of the road (ie: stop signs, red lights, etc.).

Cars and Bicycles: Who has the right of way? Cars and bicycles use the same roads, but do cars always have the right of way?

No. Motorists can't cut off a cyclist to make a right-hand turn. They must signal and then wait until the cyclist has cleared the roadway, then make a safe and orderly right-hand turn.

Where do I pay parking tickets?

Parking tickets are paid at:

Tom Davies Square
200 Brady St
Sudbury, Ontario

Or to pay online, click here.

Where do I pay my speeding infraction?

Speeding and any other traffic infraction can be paid at:

Provincial Offences Office
199 Larch St., Suite 102
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 5P9

How do I apply for a Pardon?

This information can be viewed in our Records page.

Where and how can I get a Criminal Records check done?

All this information can be viewed in our Records page.

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