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Destruction of Fingerprints and Photo Images


Customer Service Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM (closed all statutory holidays)prints.jpg

If you would like to have your fingerprints and photo images destroyed for a non-conviction, please complete the Fingerprint and Photo Image Destruction Application Form and submit your payment and request to:

Customer Service
Greater Sudbury Police Service
190 Brady Street
Sudbury, Ontario
P3C 1C7


An applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older and the following timelines have elapsed:

Stayed Charges - At least one (1) year has elapsed from the date the stay was imposed, provided that the stayed charge has not been proceeded with.

Acquittal on Charges - Destroy on the expiration of two (2) months after the expiration of the time allowed for he taking of an appeal or where an appeal is taken on expiration of three (3) months after all proceedings in respect of an appeal having been completed.

Withdrawn or Dismissed (other than by acquittal) - At least thirty (30) days (appeal period) have elapsed from the disposition date.

Withdrawn Upon Entering into a Peace Bond - The peace bond has expired which is normally one (1) year from the disposition date.


Identification records arising out of a charge(s) that were subject to the following dispositions will be automatically purged at the end of the following periods: 

Absolute Discharge: Automatically purged one (1) year after the discharge was ordered.

Conditional Discharge: Automatically purged three (3) years after the offender was discharged on the conditions prescribed in a probation order.

Please note that the automatic purging of the above files by the RCMP commenced July 24th, 1992.  Applicants wishing file closure for a discharge received prior to this date must make application to the RCMP Pardon and Purge Services.  The application form can be obtained on the RCMP website


Please see the new 2019 Service Fees   

It is our procedure to deny a request for file closure if there are mitigating circumstances such as there are concerns about public safety, the Applicant has other convictions on file or charges pending before the Courts.

If your application is approved by the Greater Sudbury Police Service, the request is sent to the RCMP which also has to grant approval.  Where approved, the RCMP will return the original fingerprints to the Greater Sudbury Police Service.  The RCMP Policy is available at

An Applicant will be advised in writing if the request has been approved or denied, including the reason for denial of the request.  Applicants are responsible to notify the Police Service of any change in address.

An Applicant can appeal the decision by submitting their appeal in writing, with supporting documentation, to the Greater Sudbury Police Service within sixty (60) days of receipt of the written decision to retain the records.  Appeals are to be submitted to:

Office of the Chief of Police
Greater Sudbury Police Service
190 Brady Street
Sudbury, ON
P3C 1C7 

Records to be destroyed are limited to fingerprints and photo images and does not include any occurrence or arrest reports on file with the Greater Sudbury Police Service.