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firearms.jpgFirearms will only be released at a pre-scheduled appointment. Appointments to retrieve firearms can be scheduled through the Property Branch. Firearms in possession of the police service that are subject to release via court order can only be released when the Property Department has received a copy of the court order, has received authorization from the Investigating Officer, and the thirty-day appeal period has passed.

When retrieving your firearm at your scheduled appointment, you will be required to produce proof of registration and all valid firearms licenses and registration certificates.

If the firearm being retrieved is a restricted weapon, you will be required to produce an Authorization to Transport (ATT) from a Chief Firearms Officer. You can apply for an ATT by calling 1-800-731-4000. To be eligible for an ATT, you must have a valid firearms licence authorizing you to possess restricted firearms.

You must have a proper trigger lock and lock box in your possession to transport the weapon for the weapon to be released to you.

Definition of a Restricted Firearm
According to the Criminal Code, a restricted firearm is:

  • A handgun that is not a prohibited firearm
  • A semi-automatic, centre-fire firearm with a barrel length less than 470 mm that is not a prohibited firearm
  • A firearm that can fire after being reduced, by folding, telescoping, or otherwise, to an overall length of less than 660 mm
  • Any firearm prescribed under the Criminal Code regulations to be restricted (including some long guns)

If you have any questions about the licensing or transporting of restricted firearms, inquiries can be made through The Canadian Firearms Centre by calling (800) 731-4000, via Email, or via their website 

Inquiries can also be made to the Sudbury Area Firearms Officer at (705) 671-4127 or the Greater Sudbury Police Service Property Department.