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Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) consists of constables/detective constables, sergeants, and staff sergeants. The uniform of the CID officers is plain/civilian clothing and the forensic unit wears uniforms. The function of the division is to investigate all crimes referred to CID for further investigation from initial call loads along with ongoing investigations that require resources involving major crime management.

The criminal investigation unit focuses on the following eleven areas:

General Investigations
Incidents of a serious nature that require further specialized investigation such as homicide, arson, abductions, attempted murder, shootings, stabbings, and sudden death investigations when requested.

Sexual Assault Investigations
Sexual assault or suspected sexual assault investigations.

Fraud Investigations
Complex and major frauds.

Missing Person Investigations
Missing youth and adult investigations.

Drug Unit Investigations
Multi-level drug trafficking investigations.

Intelligence Unit Investigations
Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information, actions, movement, and associations of organized crime members and groups of criminals in partnership with municipal, provincial, and federal law enforcement agencies as well as their criminal activities.

Human Trafficking  - “Know the Signs. Make the Call.”

Human trafficking is a criminal offence that involves controlling, forcing, intimidating or deceiving a person of any age in order to exploit them through sexual acts/services.

Forensic Unit Investigations
Crime scene analysis, collecting, preserving, and processing evidence, and expert testimony in court with respect to forensic evidence.

Sex Offender Registry
Registering sexual offender registrants who have been convicted of sexual assault-related offenses and convictions relating to Christopher's Law, as well as high-risk offenders and parolees.

Proceeds of Crime Investigations
Investigates and assists federal government agencies by using the Civil Remedies Act for seized property.

Crime Analysis Unit
Compiling information for all crimes within the Sudbury area, through maps, charts, graphs.

Cyber Crime Unit
Offenses and complaints involving technology, computers, and the internet, including active investigations of online child sexual exploitation and those who commit these crimes against children. The unit investigators are members of the Ontario Provincial Strategy to protect children from Sexual abuse and exploitation on the Internet.