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Friday, December 10th

Christmas Poem by Cst Ronald Albert & Cst Carl Hoeg written in 1991

T'was the Night Before ChristmasHoliday

T'was the night before Christmas, and our uniforms went on.
We'd be working the nightshift, until early dawn.
The cruiser's all fuelled and clean like a whistle.
We got our first call and were out like a missile.
Phone calls were received about a man dressed in red,
Landing on rooftops with some sort of sled.
The area was checked and to our surprise,
We soon found a fat man all in disguise.
He was dressed all in red from his head to his toe,
And through a snowy white beard he chuckled "HO!HO!"
A kind old gentleman that called himself Nick,
Showed us eight reindeer the best of his pick.
A large bag beside him all filled with nice toys,
Soon to be delivered to all girls and boys.
While checking a reindeer a problem arose,
The light bulb was burnt on the tip of his nose.
A red light was needed to ensure a safe flight,
So that gifts could be delivered throughout the whole night.
The roof light was taken from our car number nine,
We hooked it up quickly and it worked just fine.
Santa was thankful and was now on his way,
Knowing smiles would be plentiful come Christmas Day.
We returned on Patrol and faintly did hear……
"Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year".
Wishing you a "Merry Christmas" from the boys dressed in Blue,
Making this a safer place for Santa and you.

-Seasons Greetings from the Valley East Officers,
Composed by: Constable R. Albert and Constable C. Hoeg
Sudbury Regional Police Service, Valley East


Wednesday, November 10th

Celebrated on November 11th, Remeberance Dat or Armistice Day, is to commemorate the scarifices of members of the armed forces and of civilians in times of war, specifically since the First World War. It is observed on November 11th to recall the end of World War I on November 11, 1918 (at the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month). The Sudbury Region Police Museum recognizes this day and has assembled a Rememberance Day display in the main lobby of the Greater Sudbury Police Service headquarters. This display includes a picture of  World War II soldiers marching off to war in downtown Sudbury, as well as two helmets from World War II.

I would like to invited and encourage the public to come and explore local history, the museum's displays, as well as their exhibits in honour of Canada's fallen soldiers.

The Sudbury Region Police Museum will be open on Thursday, November 11th for tours between 8am and 4pm. As well, the museum is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm, and evenings and weekends by appointment only.


Friday, August 6

Today marks the 65th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The city was of considerable miltiary importance as it contained Japan's Second Army headquarters and also served as a communications centre and storage depot. Even though the bombing helped contribute to the end of the Second World War, it came at an extremely high cost. Tens of thousands were killed instantly and within months, thousands more would be killed by the acute radiation effects. Today is not about determining whether or not the bombings were justified or if the United States had a viable alternative but simply to remember the thousands of people who perished on Monday, August 6, 1945.

File:Atomic cloud over Hiroshima.jpg

Detonation of "Little Boy" over Hiroshima


Wednesday, July 28

Remembering: Sergeant Richard McDonald

Sudbury Regional Police Service

(30 July 1961-28 July 1999)


On July 28, 1999, while deploying a spike belt. Sergeant Richard "Rick" McDonald was fatally injured when he was struck by a stolen vehicle which was fleeing police. A passenger in the suspect vehicle was also killed and two other youths were subsequently charged. Sergeant McDonald, a twelve-year veteran of the Service, was survived by his wife, a fellow police officer.


Wednesday, July 21

Today,  the museum hosted a blueberry fundraiser luncheon in Tom Davies Square. We had tons of museum volunteers to help us out with this event, serving food, taking money and selling tickets for our fantastic door prizes. It was an unbridled success, as people voraciously gobbled up our delicious chessecake. We would like to thank everyone who came out and made this a great event. 

       DSCF3535.JPG     DSCF3536.JPG


Tuesday, July 20

Last night we spent a few hours whipping up some yummy cheesecakes for our fundraiser tomorow! Come visit us in the Tom Davies Square between 11 - 12 for a delicious luncheon!

            IMG_2361.JPG             IMG_2354.JPG


Monday, July 19

It has been quite some time since my last submission, so to my restless fans please accept my most sincere apologies. Since I have last checked, there have been quite a few developments here at the Sudbury Region Police Museum. Last weekend, Greater Sudbury held it's annual Dragonboat Festival. I had the privilege of being a part of the Greater Sudbury Police Service's team, Sudbury Water Attack Team (SWAT). Our team placed 19th out of 48, which is an amazing feat since the majority of us had never paddled before. Alison did a great job organizing the team and I can only imagine that next year's team will be even better.



news_canadian-flag-640.jpgThursday, July 1

Happy Canada Day to all! Just to let you know, the museum is indeed open today and tours can still be arranged. There are some great events happening today in the downtown area so feel free to stop by the museum as well.



Dragonboat_15.jpgWednesday, June 30

Last night the Greater Sudbury Police Service dragonboat team had its second practice. While working as a summer student at the museum, I have also been given the opportunity to be a member of the team, known as Sudbury Water Attack Team or S.W.A.T. for short. I'm sure you can pick up on as to why we chose this anagram. We made some significant strides during last night's practice and have begun to start paddling efficiently as a team. We have two more practices before Sudbury's annual dragonboat festival kicks off on July 16, and we are confident that we will make a splash this year. We encourage all to come out and not only support our squad but all the other teams participating in this year's festival as well.


Tuesday, June 29IMG_9639.JPG

Last week a mountain bike was donated to the museum. However, this was no ordinary bicycle. It was customized specially for the Chief of Police, Frank Elsner. It was retrofitted with sirens, Greater Sudbury Police Service insignia, handcuffs and even a police issue baton. While Elsner regrets that he won't be able to fully appreciate the modified bike, we are elated to display it in our transportation section of the museum.






Monday, June 28

Christina and I are pleased to announce that our summer student researcher has started today. Kyla is funded through the Summer Experience Program 2010 and my position has been funded through Young Canada Works. Part of her duties will be helping to complete the addendum to 12 O'Clock and All's Well. We are extremely excited about this and look forward to the prospect of adding to the writing of Sudbury's police history.











Friday, June 25

I am happy to report that we have unveiled a new exhibit for the museum in the main lobby. The display features a range of equipment and pictures from the Greater Sudbury Police Service's canine and tactical units. We invite everyone to stop by and take a look.


Museum curator, Christina  and museum summer student, Mike.


 bobbyhat.jpgWednesday, June 23

The museum is much more calm today as we are lacking the excitement that is usually brought by a large tour group. Nevertheless, the quietness will give us the opportunity to continue to update our officer's database. In fact, today we received some photographs from a gentleman whose grandfather was a member of the Copper Cliff Police Service in the World War One era. We happily added these photographs to our database.




Tuesday, June 22

Today we welcomed the kindergarten classes from St. Bernadette's Catholic school into the museum. In addition to learning more about the history of their community's police service, they also had a blast trying on our collection of hats and ballistic vests. After the class departed, we did some more research for our database  and found some interesting articles. Here is an cool article on law enforcement in Sudbury.











Monday, May 20

We celebrated museum month at the Sudbury Region Police Museum today. The cake was delicious and we had visitors from all over! One couple was from Italy, and it was so exciting to learn about the differences between our police services.