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Lions Eye In The Sky

The use of closed-circuit television ("CCTV") monitoring systems in law enforcement remains a relatively new concept in Ontario despite its extensive use in the United Kingdom and other countries. When the Greater Sudbury Police Service started the Lion's Eye in the Sky video monitoring project in 1996, we were likely the first service in Ontario, if not Canada, to use CCTV monitoring as a tool for law enforcement.

In the three years that followed the installation of the first CCTV camera, the number of cameras web.jpglocated in the downtown area of the City of Greater Sudbury had grown to five. As the number of cameras increased, criminal activity in the downtown area decreased. An independent analysis indicates at least 300 and as many as 500 robberies, assaults, thefts, and other criminal offenses have been deterred by the Lion's Eye in the Sky project, saving as much as $800,000 in direct monetary losses. Currently, we have 17 cameras installed throught the City of Greater Sudbury downtown core.

While the Lion's Eye in the Sky project has proven to be a deterrent of crime, it has also improved the Service's ability to deal with crime and anti-social behaviours such as prostitution, public intoxication, and panhandling. Arrests relating to prostitution and drug offenses have increased by an average of 18% per year, indicating the value of CCTV monitoring to detect criminal activity.

CCTV also provides the ability to monitor officers involved in traffic stops or other incidents, which has improved officer safety. Public safety has also been enhanced as the project allows the Service to locate missing children, find patients from the hospital, and prevent potential suicides. The Lion's Eye in the Sky project continues to contribute to a safe environment for the residents of Sudbury.

To view the KPMG report on the Lion's Eye in the Sky project, click on the link below. 

KPMG Final Report 

To view the locations of the cameras, click on the link below.

Map and Signage

For more information, please email.

Lion's Eye in the Sky Volunteers

The Greater Sudbury Police Service is looking for volunteers who are interested in helping in their community. The Lion's Eye in the Sky is a system of closed-circuit cameras within Sudbury's downtown core. We need volunteers to operate and record any activity observed on the cameras. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to work closely with the Police in the community.

For further information on the Program, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (705) 675-9171 extension 2335 or by email.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates must submit a completed application indicating their interest in the Lion's Eye in the Sky Volunteer Program to the Greater Sudbury Police Service - Human Resource Branch. The following is the application and the contact information for submission:

To access the application form, click here.

Greater Sudbury Police Service
Volunteer Coordinator

190 Brady Street
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 1C7

All volunteer applicants must undergo the required background checks before becoming a Greater Sudbury Police volunteer.