Pictured from left to right: Board Administrator Matthew Gatien, Member Paul Lefebvre, Chair Al Sizer, Member Krista Fortier, Member Shawn Poland and Vice Chair Gerry Lougheed

The Greater Sudbury Police Service Board is made up of five Civilian members -- two Provincial appointees, two Municipal Council appointees, and one member of the community as appointed by Council.  As of June 2023, the Board consists of:

  • Coun. Al Sizer, Chair
  • Gerry Lougheed, Jr., Vice Chair (citizen appointee)
  • Mayor Paul Lefebvre, Member
  • Krista Fortier, Member (provincial appointee)
  • Shawn Poland, Member (provincial appointee)

The Board provides direction and guidance to the Chief of Police while ensuring that adequate and effective police services are provided to our community.

As community members who represent the public's interests, the Police Service Board is committed to a high quality of community-based policing and excellence in police governance. The Board recognizes the challenges to law enforcement created by a changing environment, demographic shifts, emerging technologies, and evolving crime trends and patterns.

Responsibilities of the Police Service Board (Section 37 (1) of the Community Safety and Policing Act):
(a) ensure that adequate and effective policing is provided in the area for which it has policing responsibility as required by section 10;

(b) employ members of the police service;

(c) appoint members of the police service as police officers;

(d) recruit and appoint the chief of police and any deputy chief of police and determine their remuneration and working conditions, taking their submissions into account;

(e) prepare and adopt a diversity plan to ensure that the members of the police service reflect the diversity of the area for which the board has policing responsibility;

(f) monitor the chief of police’s performance;

(g) conduct a review of the chief of police’s performance at least annually in accordance with the regulations made by the Minister, if any;

(h) monitor the chief of police’s decisions regarding the restrictions on secondary activities set out in section 89 and review the reports from the chief of police on those decisions;

(i) monitor the chief of police’s handling of discipline within the police service;

(j) ensure that any police facilities, including police lock-ups, used by the board comply with the prescribed standards, if any; and

(k) perform such other duties as are assigned to it by or under this or any other Act, including any prescribed duties.