If you were charged with a criminal offence by the Greater Sudbury Police Service, you may request to have your fingerprints and photograph destroyed and charges sealed from police records.

Eligibility Criteria

You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older and the following timelines have elapsed:

  • Stayed Charges
    • At least one (1) year has elapsed from the date the stay was imposed, provided that the stayed charge has not been proceeded with.
  • Acquittal on Charges
    • Destroy on the expiration of two (2) months after the expiration of the time allowed for the taking of an appeal or where an appeal is taken on expiration of three (3) months after all proceedings in respect of an appeal having been completed.
  • Withdrawn or Dismissed (other than by acquittal)
    • At least thirty (30) days (appeal period) have elapsed from the disposition date.
  • Withdrawn upon entering into a Peace Bond
    • The peace bond has expired which is normally one (1) year from the disposition date.

If you participated in and completed a diversion program, your charges are deemed to have been withdrawn (therefore you may request consideration for removal of your fingerprints and photograph).

Application and Process

All requests for destruction of identification records shall be made by the person to whom the records relate or by another person (i.e. solicitor) who has been authorized by the person to make the request. A Request for Destruction of Identification Records shall be submitted in writing accompanied by payment based on our current Fees for Services. Your request cannot be expedited.

Your identification records shall be retained for a minimum of five (5) years if the charges were disposed by way of a verdict of not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder.

If you received an absolute discharge, your fingerprints and photographs will be considered for removal one year after the judgment was made in court. If you received a conditional discharge, your fingerprints/photo will be considered for removal in three years after your probationary period has ended.

Your identification record shall not be destroyed if:

  • The type of offence or other information on file for the Applicant raises serious concern about public safety as the Applicant continues to present a substantial risk to the public.
  • Where the applicant was convicted of the charge for which the identification was taken for or if the applicant has any other convictions on file or charges pending before the Courts.
  • Where the Royal Canadian Mounted Police denies the request.

Under no circumstances will you be provided with your identification records.

Please be aware that after you have made your request it may take one to two years to be completed, as the process involves the return of fingerprints from the national repository maintained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

A member from Customer Service shall notify you in writing that your request has been completed based on the mailing address provided within the request. If you change your mailing address during the request process, please contact Customer Service at 705-675-9171 extension 6622 to ensure that written notification upon completion of the request is sent to the correct mailing address.


In the event that you are not satisfied with the decision to retain your identification record, you may appeal the decision within 60 days of receiving the written decision to retain your fingerprints and photographs.

Fees for Services

Effective January 1, 2022, the Fees for Services provided by the Greater Sudbury Police Service as approved by the Police Services Board.

*As per Bill 13, Amendments to the Police Records Check Reform Act (PRCRA), volunteer Criminal Record Check (CRC) and volunteer Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC) results will be provided at no charge by the police service. If the application is made online, there will be a $9.95 processing fee plus applicable taxes by the third party provider Forrest Green

Please note that expedited service will not be available for Volunteer CRC, CRJMC or Record Suspension applications, Destruction of Fingerprint and Photograph Records or Insurance Confirmation Requests.

 Request for Information Fees

Bingo/Lottery Applicant (cost per two applicants/organizations) - $34.00

Level 1 Criminal Record Check - $40.00

Level 1 Criminal Record Check for Volunteer/Unpaid Student - $25.00

Level 1 Criminal Record Check for Volunteer - $0.00 

Level 2 Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check - $40.00

Level 2 Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check for Unpaid Student - $25.00

Level 2 Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check for Volunteer - $0.00

Level 3 Vulnerable Sector Check - $40.00

Level 3 Vulnerable Sector Check for Volunteer/Unpaid Student - $25.00

Children's Law Reform Act Check (includes fingerprints) - $66.00

Record Check (additional originals) - $5.00

Record Check (expedited) - $34.00

Record Check (record suspension/pardon) - $68.00

Digital Fingerprints (employment, adoption, VISA, pardon, waiver, etc.) - $65.00

Destruction of Fingerprints and Photograph Application - $44.00

Project LIFESAVER Annual Fee - $245.00

Project LIFESAVER Monthly Fee - $21.00

General Occurrence Report - $68.00

Occurrence Report (other related) - $31.00

Occurrence List - $68.00

Motor Vehicle Collision Report - $57.00

Motor Vehicle Collision Report (additional information contained on back of report) - $32.00

Motor Vehicle Reconstruction Report - $2,710.00

Motor Vehicle Reconstruction Supplementary Report (deposit) - $57.00

Motor Vehicle Reconstruction Supplementary Report (hourly charge) - $34.00

Motor Vehicle Collision Summary (hourly charge) - $34.00

Motor Vehicle Collision Executive Report (hourly charge) - $34.00

Motor Vehicle Collision Scale Diagram (3' x 4') - $890.00

Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (per vehicle) - $183.00

Officer's Notebook Notes - $68.00

Parade or Public Even Application - $105.00

Photographs (electronic reproduction of up to ten photos) - $28.00

Photographs (additional cost per scanned image) - $5.00

Photographs (hard copy cost per image) - $5.00

Recordings (electronic reproduction of audio or video) - $68.00

Recordings (additional cost per recording) - $57.00

Special Occasion Permit Letter - $40.00

Statistical Information (fee per hour with a half hour minimum) - $105.00

Witness Statement - $32.00

 False Alarm Reduction Program Fees

Registration (residential/commercial under 3,000 square feet) - $40.00

Registration (commercial over 3,000 square feet) - $60.00

Registration (hospital, health care facility, college, university, etc.) - $60.00

Registration (School Board) - $250.00

False Alarm Dispatch Fee if Registered in Program - $75.00

False Alarm Dispatch Fee if Not Registered in Program - $125.00

 Paid Duty Fees

Hourly Rate (Constable) - $76.20 + HST

Hourly Rate (Sergeant) - $87.18 + HST

Hourly Rate (Staff Sergeant) - $96.12 + HST

Cruiser fee per hour (minimum 3 hour charge) - $30.99 + HST

Boat, trailer and tow vehicle fee per hour (minimum 3 hour charge) - $75.00 + HST

Administration Fee - 20% of total paid duty contract


*Notwithstanding Section 4 of By-law 2009-3, paid duty rates shall be adjusted in accordance with the collective agreement between the Board and the Sudbury Police Association in effect at the time of the paid duty assignment and not the Consumer Price Index. A minimum 3 (three) hour charge shall apply.