The Greater Sudbury Police Service is part of the Ontario Police Technology Information Cooperative (OPTIC) that is made up of numerous municipal Police Services, as well as, the Ontario Provincial Police.

Our Records Branch personnel are responsible for the maintenance of our Service's records through the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and our Transcribers are responsible for the transcription of Officer reports. Our Customer Service Clerks are responsible for providing you with professional service both over the phone or when you attend Police Headquarters downtown.

Each year, our personnel process close to 15,000 Record Checks, serve almost 60,000 community members and transcribe over 52,000 Officer reports.

Through our Customer Service Branch found in the main lobby of Headquarters located at 190 Brady Street in Greater Sudbury, you can request various services including Police Reports, Motor Vehicle Collision Reports, Freedom of Information, Record Checks and Digital Fingerprints.

Fees for Service

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