Theft from Vehicles

Approximately 90% of thefts from vehicles that occur in the City of Greater Sudbury require no forced entry. Theft from vehicles is a crime of opportunity. Thieves will target vehicles that are left unlocked.

  • Always keep your vehicle locked
  • Remove all valuables from sight (this includes anything from cell phones, purses and lap tops, to shopping bags, groceries and loose change. You never know what item could attract a thief.
  • If you must keep valuables in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk.
  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • Consider installing an anti-theft device and a locking gas cap.
  • Keep garage locked with locked vehicle inside.

Theft from Sheds and Garages

Here are some tips to help you to secure your valuables:

1. Keep things out of sight - Remember to always bring items inside your garage, shed, or home where they can be locked in a secure place. Items such as bicycles, lawn mowers, snow blowers and power tools are hot items for thieves.

2. Secure your home and surroundings – Make sure your windows, doors, sheds, and garages are locked and secure. Cut trees and bushes to allow neighbours a clear view of your property. Have a well-lit exterior, security lighting, or sensor lights to help promote visibility of both the front and back of your property.

3. Itemize your personal property - Record the make, model, and serial number of your property as this assists both Police and insurance companies in the case where something is stolen.

It is common when investigating these types of crimes for Police Officers to be told later by a resident that they saw someone at a neighbouring property. This situation is potentially a crime in progress and should be called into Police immediately. Providing the best description of the suspicious person could lead to an apprehension. Your keen observations can reduce crime in your neighbourhood.

If you see anyone in your neighbourhood who is engaging in suspicious or criminal activity, do not hesitate to call the Greater Sudbury Police Service 705-675-9171.

In the case of an EMERGENCY, including a crime in progress, call 911.

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