Drug abuse and substance misuse do not discriminate. Anyone can be impacted. Stigma surrounding drug abuse and misuse is often a barrier for people to access services, health care and treatment. It’s important to talk openly about substance use in order to reduce feelings of guilt, shame, social isolation and poor mental health which can contribute to continued use of substances.

From the challenges of keeping medications away from children and teens; to alcohol misuse in teens and adults; to experimentation with substances and addictions, and accidental poisonings – substance misuse affects all of society.

The Greater Sudbury Police Service spends a lot of time doing proactive work with community partners – one of those ways is through the Community Drug Strategy. The Community Drug Strategy (CDS) is founded on four pillars: health promotion, harm reduction, treatment and enforcement and justice. The CDS envisions a community working together to improve the health, safety, and well-being of all individuals, families, neighbourhoods and communities in Greater Sudbury by creating a society increasingly free of the range of harms associated with substance misuse.

The Community Drug Strategy is actively working to:
• Improve community health and address drug-related issues by increasing public awareness of drug use and misuse as a health issue, by providing a range of services including treatment and harm reduction, and encouraging a developmental asset building approach to prevention and community development.
• Increase community safety across Greater Sudbury by implementing evidence informed, drug-related crime prevention initiatives.
• Encourage partnerships among municipal government, academia, legal, health and human services sectors, the private sector, and the community to share the responsibility for the development and implementation of substance-related strategies and responses.
• Ensure ongoing monitoring and evaluation of this strategy.
• Encourage all levels of government to take action and responsibility for their elements of the framework within their respective jurisdiction.

We understand that for many community members, there is a growing concern surrounding discarded needles around the city. Please note that home and property owners are responsible for picking up and disposing of needles found on residential or commercial property. If you find needles on public property, call the City at 311. Learn more about Safe Needle Disposal.

The GSPS Drug Enforcement Unit of the Integrated Crime Team will continue to focus its efforts on major crime operations that pose a direct and elevated threat to the safety, security and wellness of our community. The Integrated Crime Team aims to identify and disrupt organized crime in Greater Sudbury through innovative technology, collaborative partnerships and traditional Police work resulting in the arrests of those involved, holding them accountable for their criminal activities and the seizure of illegal drugs, prohibited firearms and proceeds of crime.