Halloween Safety 2020


Thinking of hosting a big Halloween monster bash this weekend? Think twice!
Many of our traditional Halloween activities pose a higher risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. This Halloween be COVID-safe and limit the spread.
While non-essential gatherings should be limited, if you choose to host or attend a Halloween gathering, keep in mind the following tips:
• Limit close contact to members of your household.
• Keep gatherings small. Although private gatherings of up to 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors are allowed under provincial legislation, non-essential gatherings of any size should be limited. Stick with members of your household for indoor activities.
• Keep two metres distance between people outside of your household and wear a face covering if distancing is not possible.
• Do not attend the gathering if you have any symptoms or if you are self-isolating.
• Keep a guest list in case it is needed for contact tracing.
• If food or drinks are served: Avoid buffet-style food service and plan how to physically distance while distributing and cleaning up food. Serve food on individual plates to prevent guests from passing and touching the same objects. Have everyone wash their hands before and after eating.
• Consider participating in virtual events or not attending at all, especially if you are 70 years or older, are immunocompromised, or have underlying medical conditions.
We remind community members that you are responsible to comply with government orders to limit the spread of COVID-19: for private gatherings, a maximum of up to 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors. We know it’s tempting to celebrate Halloween by hosting a gathering with all of your friends, goblins and ghouls, but keep in mind that if you host a house party exceeding 10 people indoors or 25 people outdoors, you could be subject to a $880 fine. All attendees of this gathering could be subject to a $750 fine.
Please be considerate of your health and the health of others. Since Thanksgiving, we have seen an increase in Covid-19 cases. Let’s all work together to ensure that number does not increase again after this Halloween weekend.


Although it may look a little different this year, Halloween can still be a lot of fun – and Covid-safe. We encourage community members to follow public health advice and measures from public health experts, and make good decisions based on your own unique situation.

To have a safe and happy Halloween, please follow these public health safety tips:
- Do not trick-or-treat or hand out treats if you are sick.
- Avoid gatherings with people outside of your household.
- Trick-or-treat outside and keep distance from others outside of your household.
- Wear a face covering (unless exempt) when going door-to-door or handing out candy. Remember, a costume mask is not a substitute for a face covering. A costume mask should not be worn over a face covering because it may make it difficult to breathe.
- Do not congregate or linger at doorsteps. Stand 2 metres apart if waiting.
- Turn off your porch light and don’t hand out treats if you are sick, even with mild symptoms, or self-isolating.
- If you are handing out treats, do not leave treats in a bucket or bowl for everyone to grab. Consider using tongs, long spoons, or other similar tools to hand out treats, or set up a table with pre-bagged treats to keep distance from trick-or-treaters.
- Avoid high-touch surfaces and objects, such as railings and doorbells.
- Whether you are collecting or handing out treats, wash your hands often and thoroughly, or use hand sanitizer.
- Consider printing one of these posters to let your neighbours know whether you are handing out treats.
- Consider a virtual party instead of gathering in-person. If you are hosting a gathering, keep it small. Although private gatherings of up to 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors are allowed under provincial legislation, non-essential gatherings of any size should be limited. Stick with members of your household for indoor activities.
We remind motorists to drive slow and extra cautiously, especially through residential areas where children will be trick-or-treating.
If your child will be trick-or-treating, please make sure they are dressed warm and visibly:
• Brightly coloured costumes can be more clearly seen by motorists
• Add reflective tape to increase visibility
• Use make-up or face paint instead of masks to ensure vision is not restricted (and ensure a face covering is worn, unless exempt)
• Make sure the costume is properly fitted to reduce the chance of tripping
Be sure to discuss the trick-or-treating route with your child ahead of time. Advise children how to respond if they encounter a situation that makes them feel afraid or uncomfortable. Young children should always be supervised by an adult. Remind children to avoid isolated areas and shortcuts, and only visit homes that have their outside lights on. Remind children to never go inside houses or strangers’ vehicles and to not eat any treats until you or a trusted adult have looked them over.
We wish you all a safe and spooktacular Halloween 2020.