Around 6:50 a.m. on June 16, 2021, we were called in relation to a Break and Enter in progress on Brebeuf Street in Greater Sudbury. Information provided was that a man had removed the back door of the residence from its hinges and entered the home.

Officers from our Patrol Operations arrived within minutes, entered the home and took the man into custody.

During the investigation it was learned that the man entered the residence, went into the homeowner’s bedroom and threated her with a screw driver, demanding valuables. The 86 year old woman complied with his demand and fortunately was not injured during this potentially violent interaction.

Officers recovered all of the items that the man had attempted to take as he was found exiting the room of the residence when Police arrived.

As a result of this incident, 41 year old Tyler Beggs has been charged with Break and Enter and Robbery under the Criminal Code of Canada. He attended Bail Court on June 16, 2021 to answer to the charges and has since been remanded into custody.

Your personal safety and the safety of your property are of the utmost importance. Although this incident was unavoidable as the doors to the residence were locked and the man had to remove the door from its hinges in order to gain entry, we encourage community members to take every precaution in order to ensure your safety, security and wellness. Make sure your doors are always locked and if possible have motion sensor lighting, video surveillance equipment and an alarm system.