Last week, Scott, a keen community member contacted Police regarding an impaired driver. Yesterday, Constable Hinds, Auxiliary Member Powell and Constable Kitchikake had the opportunity to thank Scott in person. Four men standing wearing masks

Last week, Scott found himself in a situation where he came across an impaired driver. Scott recognized clear signs of impairment and immediately contacted Police. Scott was able to distract the driver while awaiting Police arrival, keeping the driver from going back out onto the roadway. Once Officers arrived they began speaking with the driver who showed clear signs of impairment. The Officers conducted a Standard Field Sobriety Test on the driver and as a result of the SFST, the driver was arrested for Impaired Operation. Upon searching the driver, Officers located a quantity of illicit drugs. While at Police Headquarters a Drug Recognition Expert conducted a Drug Recognition Evaluation confirming that the driver was impaired by drugs.
The driver was charged with Operation While Impaired and Possession of a Schedule I Substance.
Thanks to Scott’s quick thinking and immediate actions, an impaired driver was removed from our roadways before anything tragic occurred.

We would like to recognize Scott and all of our community members who are dedicated and committed to keeping our roadways safe.