Congratulations Detective Sergeant Angie Sirkka, Detective Constable Stephanie Duchene and Ms. Julia Kinna, BSW on being nominated for an OWLE Teamwork Award! 

five people wearing masks standing and holding certificates

The OWLE Teamwork Award recognizes the exceptional successes of women in law enforcement working on complex, comprehensive, ground-breaking or long-term projects and who have successfully fostered change and have made contributions as leaders and mentors.

Sexual Assault is the most under-reported crime and the Greater Sudbury Police Service works diligently with our community partners in order to change that. Our Sexual Assault Review Team is a collaborative effort between the Greater Sudbury Police Service and a multitude of community agencies that support and provide services to Survivors of sexual violence. Detective Sergeant Sirkka, Detective Constable Duchene and Ms. Julia Kinna have gone above and beyond to help develop and deliver promising strategies that address barriers to reporting sexual violence. They have worked tirelessly to provide recommendations on practice, policy and procedure for improving access to awareness, education and justice for Survivors of sexual violence. 

Over the last two years, they have worked hard to coordinate and develop a framework for best reporting practices for the Greater Sudbury Police Service that have opened the door for people who have experienced sexual violence. The strategies and practices they've developed have been extremely successful in implementing the online Sexual Assault Reporting tool that since its launch has seen an increase in the number of Survivors coming forward to report sexual violence incidents.

Detective Sergeant Angie Sirkka, Detective Constable Stephanie Duchene and Ms. Julia Kinna have put forth extraordinary efforts to ensure Survivors of sexual violence are treated with dignity and respect and are greeted with a trauma-informed approach. They have expanded their efforts to raise awareness by providing education in local schools to youth on various topics surrounding consent, sexual exploitation, human trafficking and how to report incidents of sexual violence.

Their commitment and dedication to ensuring positive change shows their drive, leadership and the important role they have played within the community and law enforcement.