The Greater Sudbury Police Service launched its Festive Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere (R.I.D.E.) Program campaign at the beginning of December and our Traffic Management Unit has conducted four spot-checks dates over the past two weeks.

The R.I.D.E. Program is aimed at reducing property damage, injuries and death caused by impaired driving. R.I.D.E. checks are intended to target high-incident and/or high-complaint areas.



December 1-15


December 1-31

Number of Impaired Drivers (Impaired, Refuse, Over 80mg)



Alcohol Related Licence Suspensions



Highway Traffic Act and Other Provincial Act Offences



Other Criminal Code Offences



Approved Screening Device Demands (Alcohol)



SFST – Standard Field Sobriety Tests for Drug Driving



Total Drivers Checked




The Festive R.I.D.E. spot-checks will continue throughout the month of December and traditional R.I.D.E. spot-checks will continue throughout the upcoming year.

We also reviewed the impaired driving statistics between the months of September and December for both 2018 and 2019. 

These statistics include interactions and subsequent arrests as a result of R.I.D.E. checks, as well as, proactive and reactive policing by officers of the Traffic Management Unit and Patrol Operations Division.

In 2018 between September 1 and December 31, 48 impaired drivers were arrested and charged.

In 2019 between September 1 and December 15, 78 impaired drivers have been arrested and charged while two weeks still remain in the calendar year. These numbers are disturbing as drinking and driving is never an option combined with the fact that there are numerous options for a sober ride to your destination.

We are asking community members to make the responsible, smart choice and plan ahead; have a designated driver, call a taxi or Safe Ride Home Sudbury, use public transit or plan to stay the night.

Our Shared Commitment to Community Safety and Well-being is a collaborative effort with local organizations, businesses and community members.

Together we can keep our roads safe!

If you see an impaired driver, please contact Police immediately by calling 911.