We are pawsitively thrilled to introduce you to our newest dynamic duo, Constable Vitali and Royal aka “Roy” who are on active duty after completing the 16-week dual purpose Patrol and Detector course with the Halton Regional Police Service. police officer and dog outside in snow

Constable Vitali was hired in 2008 and spent the last seven years as a member of our Emergency Response Unit. He was a rappel master and won the hearts of Greater Sudbury’s little heroes as our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

Royal was born on November 1, 2020 in Slovakia before being transported to the United States where he was hand selected by a group of K9 trainers. Roy loves long tracks in the bush, howling under the stars and his ball.

During the K9 course, Constable Vitali and Royal trained in obedience and control, tracking, area searches, building searches, evidence searches, suspect and missing person searches, suspect apprehensions, detection of drugs, firearms and ammunition and assisting specialized units during high-risk situations.

Last Thursday, Constable Vitali and Royal were involved in their first operational deployment where Roy was an integral part of locating and apprehending the man believed to be responsible for the Lorne Street convenience store Robbery.

We are excited to add this very good boy Roy to our team and we look forward to watching this pair grow their bond as they protect and serve our community.