On Friday afternoon, March 26, 2021, we received a call regarding a possible impaired driver. Information provided was that a vehicle was parked in the area of Ste.Anne Road and both the driver and passenger appeared to be unconscious.

The caller made multiple attempts to wake the driver by knocking on the window. When the driver woke up, he appeared to be impaired. While the caller was on the phone with our 9-1-1 Emergency Communication Centre, the driver drove off in the vehicle.

As Officers were making their way to the area, we started receiving multiple 9-1-1 calls regarding the same vehicle and driver. The vehicle was being driven erratically down the Kingsway traveling in the centre lane and swerving into traffic. One of the callers followed the vehicle onto Falconbridge Road, providing updates on its location to our 9-1-1 Communicator.

Officers located the vehicle on Lasalle Boulevard and conducted a traffic stop with emergency lights activated. Officers conducted a Standard Field Sobriety Test and as a result of the test, the driver was arrested for Impaired Driving.

The man was transported to Police headquarters where a Drug Recognition Expert completed the Drug Recognition Evaluation. The 31 year old man has been charged with Impaired by Drug and will appear in Court on May 19, 2021 to answer to the charge.

We would like to thank those community members who called our 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Centre with timely information regarding the impaired driver. Your dedication and commitment to Road Safety and the safety of our community is very much appreciated.

Our Patrol and Traffic Management Unit Officers were kept busy Friday night into the early hours of Saturday morning as an additional three drivers were arrested and charged with Impaired by Drug. The 33, 40 and 43 year old men will also appear in Court on May 19, 2021 to answer to the charges.

All of the drivers received a 90-day Licence suspension and had their vehicles impounded for seven days.

We continue to see an increase in the number of drivers impaired by drugs on our roads. Alcohol or drugs - impaired is impaired. Impaired driving means operating a vehicle (including cars, trucks, boats, snowmobiles and off-road vehicles) while your ability to do so has been compromised to any degree by consuming alcohol, drugs or a combination of the two.

It’s simply not worth it. Plan ahead for a safe ride home. Remember, life doesn’t have a reset button. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

If ever you consider driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, stop and take a moment to think about the victims who have lost their lives to impaired driving and their loved ones.

Impaired driving hurts us all – through deaths, injuries and property damage, as well as costs for health care and emergency response services.

Driving impaired is never worth it.