National Prescription Drug Drop Off_Poster_2016

Do you have expired, unwanted, and unused prescribed medication in your home?

The misuse and abuse of prescription medication has become a public safety issue for communities and police services across the country, who are working together to draw attention to this concern by fully supporting the National Prescription Drug Drop Off Day on Saturday May 21.

The National Prescription Drug Drop Off Day is a one-day initiative supported by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, Partnership for a Drug Free Canada, Health Canada, Public Safety Canada, the Community Drug Strategy for the City of Greater Sudbury, the Sudbury & District Health Unit, and the Greater Sudbury Police Service. 

The Community Drug Strategy for the City of Greater Sudbury, supported by the Greater Sudbury Police Service and the Sudbury & District Health Unit, recognizes the commitment of local drug stores / pharmacies for their continued support of the National Prescription Drug Drop-Off Day. 

“For the health and the safety of our communities, we encourage everyone to safely discard old, unused medication,” said Dr. Sutcliffe, Medical Officer of Health, SDHU. “While prescription drugs are intended to restore and maintain health, they can lead to addiction, crime, financial burdens and injury when not used as prescribed.”

Participating drug stores / pharmacies will assist in this year’s initiative by collecting and disposing of expired, unwanted and unused prescribed medication that citizens may have in their homes. 35 pharmacies in the City of Greater Sudbury will be participating in this year’s initiative. 

On Saturday, May 21, residents can simply go to any of the designated location(s) and anonymously drop off unwanted drugs. Police and medical officials urge you to do your part to combat this serious public health threat.

“Last year, the National Drug Drop-Off Day saw approximately 75 pounds of unused medications collected in the City of Greater Sudbury. That is a significant quantity of prescription medications that were removed from our streets!  This year we are confident that we will match, if not surpass that amount.  Be part of the safe storage and disposal of prescription, over the counter and other drugs.  You can prevent these medications from falling into the wrong hands within our community and also protect the environment from the ills associated with the incorrect disposal of drugs into the garbage and sewer systems.  Community safety and well-being is our collective responsibility,” said Chief of Police Paul Pedersen.

Residents are further reminded that they can return any unwanted or outdated prescription medications to their local pharmacy for safe and secure disposal at any time.

Together we can create safer, healthier homes for our families.