Although we could not gather in person for the Community and Police Awards Gala, we would still like to formally recognize members of our Service and of the Public who have had a direct impact on community safety and well-being in Greater Sudbury.

The Sergeant Richard McDonald Memorial Award is presented to a Police Service member in recognition of their enthusiasm and positive attitude that significantly motivates police service members, fosters team spirit and supports the Police Service’s Shared Commitment to Community Safety and Well-Being.

Detective Constable Ryan Hutton is not only an active Investigator in our Criminal Investigations Division, but he is also a very passionate and considerate advocate for Mental Health and Well-being. He is attentive to the needs of his colleagues with an emphasis on their Mental Health and he continuously promotes a supportive work environment. Two police officers holding award

Detective Constable Hutton is an advocate and leader through our Blue Balance Wellness Committee, Peer Support Team, Reach-out Committee and Spiritual Committee. He enthusiastically participates in internal Mental Health initiatives including Warrior’s Coffee and 10-78 Talks where he shares his experiences promoting a culture of trust and transparency.

Detective Constable Hutton is also an active member of the Sudbury Police Association (SPA) Executive Team where he continues his efforts to promote a culture of trust through engaged and accessible support services. Through his SPA social media platform, Detective Constable Hutton regularly promotes physical fitness, health and wellness while advocating for organizations including Boots on the Ground, Badge of Life Canada and Wounded Warriors.

As a dedicated member of the police service and association, Detective Constable Hutton is a member of the Sudbury Police Running Team, a co-captain of the Sudbury Chapter of the National Peace Officers Memorial Run and spearheaded our very own Sudbury Police Memorial Awareness Run.

Detective Constable Hutton’s enthusiasm and positive attitude coupled with his advocacy of the importance of mental health awareness promotes a culture that significantly motivates our members, fosters team spirit and supports Our Shared Commitment to Community Safety and Well-being.

Congratulations to Detective Constable Ryan Hutton – this year’s recipient of the Sergeant Richard McDonald Memorial Award.