This past weekend, (Friday December 6, 2019 to Sunday December 8, 2019), the Greater Sudbury Police Service investigated several incidents involving impaired driving. As a result of these investigations, a total of six drivers (26, 28, 52, 55, and 61 year old men and a 20 year old woman) were charged with impaired operation in the three-day span.

None of their names can be released as the information has not yet been sworn to through the Court process. 

Two of those drivers (the 52 year old man and 20 year old woman) were identified and charged during the Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere (R.I.D.E.) spot-check on the night of Friday, December 6, 2019. That R.I.D.E. check was sponsored by Action Sudbury – Citizens Against Impaired Driving.

The R.I.D.E. Program is aimed at reducing property damage, injuries and death caused by impaired driving. R.I.D.E. checks are intended to target high-incident and/or high-complaint areas.

Members of the Traffic Management Unit supported by the dedicated R.I.D.E team conducted two separate spot checks this past weekend on Friday night and Saturday night.

Number of Impaired Drivers (Impaired, Refuse, Over 80mg)


Number of Impaired Driver - Drug


Alcohol Related Licence Suspensions


Suspended Drivers


Highway Traffic Act and Other Provincial Act Offences


Other Criminal Code Offences


Approved Screening Device Demands (Alcohol)


SFST – Standard Field Sobriety Tests for Drug Driving


Total Drivers Checked



The Festive R.I.D.E. spot-checks will continue throughout the month of December and traditional R.I.D.E. spot-checks will continue throughout the upcoming year.

Please consider the impact you have on your community, your family and yourself when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle when your ability is impaired.

Drinking and driving is never an option. Plan ahead; have a designated driver, call a taxi or Safe Ride Home Sudbury, use public transit or plan to stay the night.

We will continue to focus our efforts on removing impaired drivers from our roadways as road safety and enforcement is a top priority.

Our Shared Commitment to Community Safety and Well-being is a collaborative effort with local organizations, business and community members. Together we can keep our roads safe!

If you see an impaired driver, please contact Police immediately by calling 911.