On Sunday, January 31st, 2021, we received a 911 call regarding a snowmobile collision that had occurred in a very remote area of Greater Sudbury, north of Capreol near Ironside Lake Road. 

Our ECC dispatcher sent the what3words app link to the caller in distress and directed them on how to use it. Within minutes, the caller texted back their three-word location.

Upon receiving the what3words location, our Communicator was able to determine that although the original location provided was in the same vicinity as the original pings, the caller was actually a few hundred metres south of the incoming pings. Now, thanks to what3words, we had a much more accurate location.

Officers were able to navigate the area even while out of cellular range and successfully located the individuals.

Thanks to what3words, a potential tragedy was prevented and the injured snowmobilers were brought to safety.

We strongly encourage all community members to download the free what3words app. It could save your life!