Around 8:45 p.m. on June 4, 2021, we were called in relation to a motor vehicle collision on Lasalle Boulevard around 100 metres East of Barrydowne Road. Upon arrival, Officers spoke with one of the drivers involved in the collision and detected alcohol on his breath. While speaking with the driver, Officers saw what appeared to be cans of alcohol in the vehicle. Based on these observations and the odour of alcohol on his breath, Officers conducted a roadside breath demand of the driver that resulted in a Fail.

The 17 year old young man was placed under arrest and transported to Police Headquarters where a Breath Technician conducted further testing using an Intoxilyzer. The young man blew over 80 and was charged with Operation While Impaired - Alcohol and Operation While Impaired – Blood Concentration Over 80mg.

Upon his arrest, Officers searched the vehicle and located over 600 grams of Cannabis and 90 grams of what is believed to be Heroin. The estimated value of the drugs is over $22,000. Officers also found $3,000 on the driver when he was searched after being arrested.

He was additionally charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking – Schedule I Substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and Distribute Over 5g of Cannabis – by Youth under the Cannabis Act. Based on the totality of the drugs that were seized and the circumstances of the collision, the youth was also charged with Careless Driving.

He was released on an Appearance Notice with a Court date of August 19, 2021 to answer to the charges. Due to his age, his name cannot be released as per the Young Offenders Act.

There is never a reason to operate a vehicle while impaired. You not only place yourself at risk, but you risk the lives of everyone else on the road. Please make responsible and smart choices; have a Designated Driver, call a taxi, use public transit or stay the night. Never drive while impaired, it’s not worth the risk!