Please be advised that over the past week, we have received two complaints regarding fake iPhone 12 Max Pro’s being sold on both Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace. The phones are being advertised as iPhone 12 Pro Max and are being sold for $1,300. They come in “original” iPhone packaging and the serial and IMEI numbers show as authentic when they are run through the Apple website. 

The investigation has revealed that the phones are actually non-functioning knock-offs and this is only discovered after money is exchanged for the phone and the buyer attempts to turn the phone on. These phones are being described as one of the most intricate clones of an Apple phone to date.
The name of the seller is different on the various platforms and through the investigation it has been determined that these are fake names as the individuals do not exist, however the area code used to communicate with interested buyers is always a 1-647 number.
Once an interested buyer reaches out to the seller, a date, time and location for the exchange is arranged, however, the person the buyer is meeting is never the "seller".
The same description has been provided for the individual who is responsible for the exchange. The person is described as being a man who is Black, between 20-30 years old, around 5’10” tall, with dreadlocks and facial scruff.
Please be aware of this scam as two individuals in our community have fallen victim and the advertisements are still active.
For more detailed information you can watch this recent CTV story out of Toronto warning individuals of this elaborate scam.
To ensure the authenticity of items, purchase items from reputable vendors or the company itself. Always remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you have been a victim of a Fraud, you can report it online through our online reporting system, CopLogic.