Are you dedicated to ensuring an inclusive community?

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The Police Diversity Advisory Committee advises the Chief of Police on matters that relate to race relations and multiculturalism within the City of Greater Sudbury and the policing profession.


  • Enhance, enrich, and when required establish positive connections between the office of the Chief of Police and the multiracial/multicultural communities within the City of Greater Sudbury;
  • Provide counsel to the office of the Chief of Police on matters related to multiracial/multicultural communities within the City of Greater Sudbury;
  • Assist in the assessment of the implementation of the employment equity plan and development of strategies to promote equitable multiracial/multicultural representation throughout the various positions within the Greater Sudbury Police Service;
  • Assist in the assessment and development of the promotional processes to ensure fair opportunity for all Greater Sudbury Police Service members to pursue personal career goals;
  • Assist in the assessment of operational policies to ensure inclusivity is evident;
  • Promote events that will support the purpose of Greater Sudbury Police DiversityAdvisory Committee;
  • Continue efforts to promote inclusivity and build healthy relationships with students and new comers new to our community.
  • Encourage open dialogue with members of the multiracial/multicultural communities and the Greater Sudbury Police Service.


  • Attend Committee meetings.
  • Prepare for the meetings by reading related materials.
  • Participate actively in meetings.
  • Keep informed on roles, responsibilities and activities of the Advisory Committee.
  • Serve on sub-committees as may be appointed.
  • Share information/concerns.
  • Notify the Chair if unable to attend meetings.

The Diversity Advisory Committee Bursary 2019-2020

The Greater Sudbury Police Service would like to recognize outstanding Grade 12 student(s) who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity, inclusive practices, and cultural acceptance in their school and/or in their community.  This bursary is made possible through the Greater Sudbury Police Services Diversity Advisory Committee.

Diversity is defined as: Gender, education, age, employment, language, ethnicity, cultural background, family status, geographic location, country of origin, life experiences, intellectual and physical ability, social economic status, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation.

Inclusion is defined as: creating a work environment guided by fairness, respect, equality and dignity and therefore ensures the creation of strategies and mechanisms designed to address ongoing issues of diversity.

Culture Acceptance is defined as: a person’s ability to respect and value diverse points-of- view, and to be open to others of differing backgrounds or perspectives. In addition, it refers to the person’s ability to understand and respect the practices, customs, and norms of individuals, groups, and cultures other than their own.

View Full Bursary Details and Application:


  • Must be a current resident of the City of Greater Sudbury;
  • Must be earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma by June, 2020;
  • Must be able to articulate how they have served as champion of change by demonstrating a  commitment  to  diversity,  inclusive  practices,  and  cultural  acceptance  in  their community and/or school;
  • Must consent to the publication of their name and photograph by the Greater Sudbury Police Service (if selected);
  • Must consent to the release of their high school transcripts to support their application;
  • Must have demonstrated good academic standing throughout their years in secondary school;
  • Each applicant must submit a minimum of two (2) letters of reference (maximum 5) from a teacher, guidance counsellor, and school Principal, and or community leader.
  • The minimum for group applications is 2 and the maximum is 3.

How to Apply:

Complete application packages and mailed documents can be sent to:

Greater Sudbury Police Service

c/o Diversity Advisory Committee

Human Resources Branch

190 Brady Street

Sudbury ON P3E 1C7

Or electronically

Applications will be accepted until 12:00 p.m. on Friday, March 06, 2020.  Winner(s) will be contacted by April 10, 2020.