Housed on the 3rd floor of our Headquarters, the Sudbury Region Police Museum is a non-profit charity organization that strives to preserve and exhibit the long history of the region’s historic police services. The Museum is run by volunteers, many of whom were employed by the Greater Sudbury Police Service as either sworn or civilians members, who are often assisted by summer students through federal grants such as Young Canada Works. The museum was founded on and continues to pursue a mandate of acquiring, preserving and exhibiting memorabilia of historical meaning in relation to law enforcement in the Sudbury Region since 1883, as well as, memorializing those officers who lost their lives both in the line of duty and in the service of their country during World War I and World War II.

The Museum was originally the brainchild of retired officer Robert Cowley. Bob approached then Chief Alex McCauley in 1996 when the Service was planning on moving from the Larch Street location to our current location at 190 Brady and requested that a space be set aside at the new location for a museum. After receiving approval from Chief McCauley, Bob approached his friend and former colleague Emile Lavigne to aid him in the planning and development of a Museum commemorating the history of the region’s police.

By April 24th, 2002 with the help of a government grant and several fundraisers, The Sudbury Region Police Museum opened to the public. Two years later the Museum received another large grant that allowed for further development of the exhibits you can visit today.

Presently people of all ages can request a tour through the Museum. The tours aim to present an educational, hands-on experience on the history of our great region’s police that is both informative and entertaining. The Museum continues to research the Sudbury Region’s Police history in an effort further develop new and current exhibits.