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Hate or bias-motivated crimes and incidents have an impact extending far beyond the physical and emotional trauma to the individual(s) involved. Communities can also be affected. These crimes often heighten the isolation and vulnerability of diverse communities and can cause severe stress for all members of the community.

The following sections specifically pertain to Hate Crimes under the Criminal Code of Canada;

  • Section 318 - Advocating Genocide
  • Section 319 (1) - Public Incitement of Hatred
  • Section 319 (2) - Willful Promotion of Hatred
  • Section 430 (4.1) - Mischief motivated by hate in relation to religious property

If an incident does not meet the threshold of these sections, it is not prosecuted as a hate crime, however many incidents can be deemed hate/bias-motivated crimes and this is considered during sentencing within the court process.

A hate/bias-motivated crime is a criminal offence against a person or property which is perceived to be motivated and/or is motivated, in whole or in part, by hate, bias, or prejudice based on the actual or perceived ancestry, race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, creed, sex, age, mental or physical disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other similar factor. This includes but is not limited to violence, threats of violence, acts of mischief or vandalism, threatening phone calls and destruction of religious property or symbols.

A hate/bias-motivated incident is a non-criminal incident that involves the same characteristics as hate/bias crimes but does not meet the criteria to be classified as criminal under the Criminal Code of Canada. This includes but is not limited to racial comments or slurs, intimidation or discrimination, and distribution of prejudicial material.

What to do when encountering hate:

  1. Ensure you are safe.
  2. Be careful about intervening or challenging another person. This may provoke them and escalate the situation.
  3. Note descriptors of people, clothing and vehicles involved.
  4. Report it to police.
  5. Be specific about what happened/was said. 

All reports are reviewed within 24-hours and you will be contacted by a Hate Crime Investigator from the Major Crime Section of our Criminal Investigation Division.

If you have been the victim of a hate/bias motived crime or incident and you would like to access emotional support, practical assistance or referrals to community-based agencies, please contact Sudbury Area Victim Services (SAVS) at 705-522-6970. 

File a Hate/Bias Motivated Crime or Incident Report