Lost property is when you accidentally misplace or leave something behind.

Lost Property that can be reported online includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cell phone
  • Jewelry
  • Purse
  • Wallet

Please note the following:

  • If your property was stolen, please file a Theft Under $5,000 report
  • If you are reporting a lost Licence Plate, please file a Lost or Stolen Licence Plate report
  • If you lost your passport, you cannot report it online, please contact the Government of Canada
  • If you lost your Driver's Licence, Health Card, or other Ontario Identification, please contact Service Ontario
  • If you lose your Debit or Credit Card and they have been used without your consent, please file a Fraud Under $5,000 report
  • If you lost your Debit or Credit Card and they have not been used, please remember to contact your bank/financial institution

Please provide as much detail as possible, including serial numbers, makes, models and value of your lost property. Each piece of lost property should be a separate entry within the property section of your report.

File a Lost Property Report

Filing a false police report is a criminal offence.