If you see an impaired driver, street racing or other road rage behaviours that pose an immediate threat to Public Safety, please call 9-1-1.

Road Watch provides community members with ability to report aggressive or unsafe driving behaviours where the Licence Plate of the vehicle has been obtained.

You must know the Licence Plate of the vehicle to complete a Road Watch report. If you do not know the Licence Plate of the vehicle, please file an Unsafe Driving Concerns report.

Road Watch may include, but are not limited to;

  • Vehicles speeding in your neighbourhood or in school zones.
  • Drivers disobeying stop signs or traffic lights.
  • Instances where drivers make unsafe lane changes.

A Road Watch report CANNOT be filed if;

  • A collision occurred as a result of the unsafe driving behaviour.
  • You don't have the Licence Plate of the vehicle (Unsafe Driving Concerns).
  • You know who the driver of the vehicle is, please contact us 705-675-9171.
  • The unsafe driving behaviour occurred outside of the City of Greater Sudbury.

The accuracy of the information you provide will help us in processing your report. Please ensure that your report is complete and concise. Please provide a detailed description of what happened and as much information as possible regarding the vehicle.

File Road Watch Report

Filing a false police report is a criminal offence.