Mischief to a Vehicle aka vandalism is damage that was intentionally done to your vehicle and that was not the result of a collision.

Mischief to Vehicle may include, but is not limited to:

  • Slashed tires.
  • Broken windows where nothing was taken.
  • When a vehicle is “keyed”.

If your vehicle was damaged and items were stolen from your vehicle please file a Theft from Vehicle report.

If your vehicle was hit in a parking lot, please attend the Collision Reporting Centre.

If a person opened their door into your vehicle causing damage to your vehicle, this is a civil matter, please call your Insurance Provider.

When completing a vandalism report, please:

  • Provide a detailed description of what happened including an approximate date/time.
  • Provide pictures of the graffiti/damage before painting/removing/repairing.
  • Please provide any suspect information, if available, and/or indicate that video surveillance footage is available.

The accuracy of the information you provide will help us in processing your report. Please ensure that your report is complete and concise.

File a Mischief to Vehicle Report

You may be contacted by email or telephone if further information is required. 

Filing a false police report is a criminal offence.